I use multiple brains and fairly frequently, when I open a brain in a "Last Expanded" view mode, the expanded view is not displayed correctly. I have to reload the expanded view to get it displayed correctly.
This also sometimes happens when the brain is already open and I load an expanded view: it has to be reloaded to be displayed as it was saved.

When it does happen, it isn't consistent. The incorrect view will be incorrect in a different way every time.

Please see the attached files for a before and after scenario. Click image for larger version - Name: Initial_expanded_view.png, Views: 207, Size: 33.36 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Good_expanded_view.png, Views: 207, Size: 89.17 KB
randy, Thanks for posting. I was not able to replicate the issue you describe. Here are the steps I took below.

1. I create two Brains A then B.

2. I create two Child Thoughts in Brain B, 1 and 2. I am in Normal View when doing this.

3. I switch to Brain A, now I create two Child Thoughts in Brain A, 3 and 4. Again, this is in Normal view.

4. Ok, now I am still in Brain A, I switch to View > Last Expanded. Since previously there was no Last Expanded View auto-saved for Brain A, it just loads the Expanded view. I place Thoughts 3 and 4 in a distinct location in the Plex.

5. Now, I switch to Brain B. It opens in Last Expanded. Again, since there is no Last Expanded auto saved for Brain B it defaults to the Expanded View. Now I place Thoughts 1 and 2 somewhere in the Plex.

6. I switch back to Brain A, Brain A opens in its last Expanded view no problem.

Perhaps I am missing something here.

I noticed in one screenshot, the Thought "Questions for Chris" is the Active Thought then in the other, "Daily Reports" is the Active Thought. If you are re-loading Last Expanded, the Thought which was Active previously in your Last Expanded View should be the Active Thought.

Best regards,

I'm obviously not certain what causes the issue. It happens intermittently, but with a high degree of regularity for me.

For the screen shots I sent you, the only think I did after capturing the first one is select View | Load Expanded View and selected the view name.

I hadn't noticed the difference in the selected thoughts until you pointed it out.

Perhaps, the problem only occurs when a larger number of thoughts are in the brain than you had in your test?

The only thing I can think of is to zip up the brain and send it to you -- but I don't know you want that...
I've seen this behavior frequently.

This is the problem (as of --- if you swap to a SAVED EXPANDED VIEW and you are on a thought that is in the saved expanded view but is not the "active thought" (let me just use the term "home" for that thought for this post, for further reference) that was used when the view was saved, the plex doesn't arrange the saved expanded view correctly.

This also happens if you shut down a personal brain in a saved expanded view while on the "non-home" and then start PB/reload that brain.

The fix is to move to a thought not in that saved view or move to the "home" thought, and then switch to the desired saved expanded view.
IMO, a better fix is to save the last selected thought in the expanded view as the expanded view's "home" thought whenever the user leaves an expanded view -- but I can't do that. :-)

Actually, another workaround -- which is less hassle for me -- is to simply reload the expanded view whenever I run into the problem. Usually reloading once will do the trick. Occasionally, I've had to reload twice to get to the saved view's layout.

Interestingly -- perhaps this is a separate issue? -- sometimes the selected thought doesn't change when reloading but location of it or other thoughts are not initially correct (i.e. as saved).
There are some open issues regarding the loading of Saved Expanded Views. These issues are currently being looked into by the PB engineers.



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