i just signed up for a trial and I can’t seem to find the view where I can filter and save views with more than 2 branches? 
i am constructing my own classification system (think WordNet here) and I use MindManager solely for the purpose of seing synonym sets across the entire map l and entirely across a recrisvue hierarchy. The main functionality of a mind map should be visualization tools. Went back to Verizon 8 I believe...and saw an expand view. That seemed like the most brilliant idea (in terms o visualizinng info); why in the world has this feature been deprecated, insanity? O don’t know please tell me o can filter and hide branches and I can see my map deeper than 2 level?
Unfortunately, you can't filter and hide branches.

Take a look at this: Brain 9: no Expanded view?
And this: v10 with EXPANDED VIEW
Here's a video of the different layouts that are offered in TheBrain 10:

Both Outline and Mind Map view will allow you to visualize your plex beyond 2 generations.

The old expanded view from v8 has not been fully developed yet for v10, but it is a hot item on our feature request list.

Thank you,
Although I love everything about theBrain there is a fundamental limitation when it comes to its visualization capability. A mind map to me is all about the strength of visualization. With all its bells and whistles TheBrain still feels incapable of delivering - at least in my case - what a true mind map should deliver...visualizing strength. While the expanded view is definitely a great idea, I believe one can do without. However, not being able to filter topics, branches, and parts of branches is where I feel TheBrain fails. For instance (see pics below) I want to see all sorts of relationships between words as to create my own classification system. with thousands of topics and branches Outline and Mindmap view falls short. Theres no way I can make any sense of my information without eliminating (filtering) parts of the map. So unfortunate!! 
Click image for larger version - Name: Unfiltered.png, Views: 209, Size: 124.01 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Filtered.png, Views: 216, Size: 468.10 KB

I would swap out the most powerful MindMap feature for the old and very limited expanded view of previous brain versions.

The expanded views allowed us to visualize and persist complex though processes without the noise of unrelated topics and the complexity of written filters. I'm of course not trying diminishing the values of filters, but for me at least the old expanded views will always be more useful than any mindmap implementation.


I concur with both ManUnited999 & Chad in that ultimately what I think many users would like in the expanded view it depth of seeing filtered (those branches they want to see) or all branches in a sort of "stacked" view like the one in Mindjet picture.  For example, I like the organisation in the Outline view, but it's lacking when pseudo-stacked int eh Expanded view of the Brain 10.

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