Hi - I have an expanded view of a large plex. I set up multi-page/poster printing and hit print. After printing, I then set about sticking the various bits together - only to find that I am missing a middle section - the right/left sides join, but I can't get the middle row to print ... any suggestions?

So, set for a 3x3 print = 6 pages (should have 9), top 3 fine, missing the middle 3, bottom 3 fine. Print dialog also only shows 6 pages. If I set that to 9, it makes no difference.

4x4 gives me 8 pages instead of 16, top four and bottom four only.
Hello Mike, 

Thanks for posting.  A 3x3 print can be up to 6 pages, assuming your plex is square.  If you are utilizing a more widescreen aspect ratio, your 3x3 print may be closer to 2x3 and only 6 pages instead of 9.


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