Hi All:
I've only looked at this with a browser, no i-devices, and I'm liking the auto expand of wikipedia attachments but I'm noticing that attached youtube videos only auto expand if there is no text in the note frame.
If it's blank, it expands to the centered video frame to show the thought text and title of the video in the video block but if you had the descriptive text of the video pasted into the note frame to give an informational component you  get the previous functionality, a video link, no expansion and then your text.
I'm guessing that is an i-device display constraint and/or it might be too difficult or arbitrary to decide how to wrap the text around the video block.
But it would be nice to have the info display along with the expanded video.
Is there anyway to do this and control it?


on the brain since 1.3
No options for editing quite yet, but this is something we'll be expanding in the future.

Thank you,

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