Hi All,

I'm in the process of evaluating purchasing a Windows tablet with the primary use being a very large, attachment heavy brain for work.  It will have video files, many images and will need to be used as a "real-time" source of reference on the job. The work involves a lot of standing and working directly with clients in different environments, which makes a laptop impractical.  The heavy use of files,etc also prevents the use of the web client.

Do any other power users use TheBrain in this way on a tablet device?  I believe Windows is the only platform that would support this use case, but am open to other suggestions.

Would appreciate any advice/guidance!

The native iOS apps are pretty good, too. Haven't been in your situation but do use TheBrain a lot on iPad. 
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | Feedly | Save Page WE | TheBrain v11.0.50.0

(Windows 10)
Thanks @ruudhein.  I've used the iOS brain a bit, but I'm concerned that it won't handle a brain with as many large files as I'll be working with.  I'm guessing working on a Surface Pro would be the same as working on any Windows laptop as it will be using the same OS.  However, given that I'm currently a Mac guy, it would be great to get some actual user experiences before I switch platforms--particularly wrt to touch screen navigation.
You are correct - using TheBrain on the Surface device is just like a normal Windows laptop with some additional functionality that is touch-specific.

We regularly use a Surface Pro here in our development so we have tested and used TheBrain on a Windows tablet quite extensively. It works well with pen input and also touch (finger) input. Touches using a finger (as opposed to a pen) are detected automatically and treated similarly to how they are on iOS to enable a smooth experience.

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