Hi Braniers, 2 quick questions,
1-How do you export or save as a PDF?
2-Select all, copy text function is only copying one "thought" not the whole map.
Have you run into this?
thanks much

John Pisciotta
Director of Creative

Ripcord Entertainment
        a creative catalyst company
P.O. Box 68394 Nashville TN 37206-8394

RipcordEntertainment wrote:
Hi Braniers, 2 quick questions,
1-How do you export or save as a PDF?

I use a CUPS-PDF Print-to-PDF print driver (virtual device). This works perfectly under Linux, and there is a Mac version. If that doesn't work for you there are probable other PDF print solutions available.

Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.
Mac OS X has built-in PDF support.

When you go to Print Plex, it'll bring up the Print dialog where you can select your printer options and print the plex. In the bottom left corner of that window, there is a PDF button which has options for working with PDFs like Save as PDF.
PB | Mac OS X 10.6.1
I have tried every suggestion and am still unable to print the plex, either directly to the printer or via pdf; working with Mac OS X. 

Has anyone found a solution?


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