Maybe I have missed this feature or the request for it but here goes. 

I have a bunch of child thoughts with individual attachments.  I need those attachments all grouped together somewhere so I can transfer the files.  Could we have a feature that allows us to create a selection and then "Export Attachments" from the menu.  I believe this would be very useful at times for file management.

Yes this is something I want too! I have been puzzling how to keep my internal and external files organised and accessible. I think we need one (or all!) of the following features. I am a newbie so pls tell me if some of them are already possible. Currently inability to manage the inbrain/outbrain relationship is the only thing that is holding me back from plunging right into this enticing new world!

SEARCH - currently you can search within attachments which is great but not search by attachment properties eg internal/external, date added etc

BATCH MOVE FILES IN/OUT OF BRAIN - currently you can do this very nicely and conveniently but only for individual files.

FIND BROKEN attachment links - so you dont totally lose attachments which get renamed or moved outside brain.

PS One thing I lerv about mindmapper is if you click a link that is broken (because you have moved or renamed an external file) it doesnt just say 'sorry cant open' it asks you if you want to repair the link, then lets you navigate to the new location and resets the link for you. That would aid a lot with the internal/external relationship in PB (esp if you could SEARCH through the external files as well as just navigating!).

My wish list!

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Java 32bit Version 8 Update 141


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Thanks for the thumbs up on the suggestion.  Harlan, what do you think about implementing such a feature?
Thanks, we do already have all of these requests on the feature request list.



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