Hello! I am contemplating using the Brain for a fairly complicated story I am researching. (I'm a journalist.) While I can certainly see the use of the tool for my own research, I would also like to share some or all of the resulting brain with our readers.

I saw the brief discussion of "export to JSON." That's helpful to an extent, but I assume at that point I would need someone to create a UI that would mimic the working of the Brain in a view-only manner, correct?

Is there another way to share some or all of a Brain to a web page, so readers can explore the information for themselves?
You can share your brain online.
This video explains how:
Also, take a look at page 208 of TheBrain 10 User Guide.
Actually, you can sync your Brain to TheBrain Cloud and then embed your Brain in your own web site.  The Sharing tutorial that Cerebrum posted will show you how this works.

So to continue this question in a little more detail:
If I have the Pro version or the Pro Service and I have shared a file by one of the means described in the above video, ( ) will those viewing my Brain have access to some of the Pro features like:
- viewing  attached files
- searching that brain and its attached files
- mind map or outline views 
Another way to ask this question is, does the viewer with read-only access nonetheless retain some of the features of the Pro, and in which formats? 
- online viewing of uploaded Brain synced to the cloud 
- in their free desktop version of TheBrain when the Pro, read-only version is synced to the cloud  
- in their own free desktop version when the Pro version database .BRZ file is sent to them
One further question. If both I and another user have Pro accounts, but not team accounts, I assume that we can both work on the same .BRZ file separately, by emailing it back and forth or storing it on a shared Dropbox account or something like that. We just can't have the same Brain open and work on it together. 

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