I think it would be a great asset if PB supports exporting to pdf as it is. Say we are on some thought and if we wish to print that thought with its generations, and can be exported as pdf, it would be great.

"Freemind" does and looks nice. I know we can export into notepad or doc as an outline, but it isn't as appealing as the one you see in PB or freemind.

Has anyone worked out a way? Is PB dev team planning to implement it?


If you can normally print to .pdfs you can just choose that format from the list of printers in the print window.
I'm not sure what it involves if you don't have the capability to print .pdfs, I'm betting PB would have to pay some licensing fee to Adobe.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
wow!. That was easy. As you said, print to adobe pdf, or any pdf printer driver worked like a charm. I have adobe pro, probably that is why I see adobe pdf as a printer driver and when I used that, it worked good.



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