I need to export part of a brain to simple HTML.  I don't know of any way to do this directly, but that would be great if it can be done.  I'm willing to work at it and here is the only way I can think of (I've tried editing the HTML export of the original brain and it's beyond me).  Please let me know if there's an easier way!

1. Rename the current brain.
2. Create a zip brain from it.
3. Rename it back to original name and close it.
4. Open zip (new name) brain.
5. DELETE/FORGET unwanted thoughts.
6. Export to HTML
7. Close new (partial of original) brain
8. Open original brain

Would this not preserve the original brain and create a new one with a different name that is part of the original one?

TIA for all suggestions!

Mike Burnside
Acting on parts of a brain is really necessary if it's not possible to link from brain to brain. Both would be really useful.
Depending on how many thoughts you want to export, you might want to consider:

* Open original brain
* Select all the thoughts you want to export
* Copy them
* Create a new brain
* Paste copied thoughts into brain

At this point, you've got a new brain that contains your selected portion--- plus 1 though. The original home thought that PB made when it created the new brain. So...

* Set a new home thought, using one of your selected thoughts
* delete the original, default home thought.

Now you can export your brainslice as HTML.
This WORKED!  There is an interim step I discovered... After making the selection of the thought at the TOP of what you want to be your new brain, do an edit/crawl brain & modify selection and select add to selection, childward.  Then you have everything you need in the selection, so you can copy, open your new brain and paste.

There is a small problem with this process, which involves folders or files attached to thoughts in the new brain.  They link to specific directories that contain the folders or files, and will thus not work if you move the new brain to another computer.

Still, this did the trick, and I am immensely grateful!

Mike Burnside

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