If I want to export part or all of a brain to another app, e.g. MS Word or Excel, is the best and only way to do that by selecting the Thoughts to export (I know about crawling) and select Copy as Text Outline?

If I want to select certain thoughts for exporting, is the easiest way to do a report with the limited selection capability, then select the results and Copy as a Text Outline?

Lastly, to Print part or all of the brain, is the best and only way to export as above?

If you want to export your entire brain, go to Reports and hit refresh. This should list all your thoughts. Then choose Edit > Add Report Results to Selection and do your copy. Aside from using the report results to add to the selection box, selecting thoughts is the only way to do this.
Edit: Aside from using some third party tools in the 3rd Party Apps, Tools, and XML forum.


If you are talking about printing the plex then you may want to use expanded view and arrange your thoughts manually. However, to print the outline, or outline and notes the only way is to Copy as Text / Copy as Text with Notes, paste it to a document, and print that document.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

thx. Did not yet know about the refresh 'trick' or the add report results.


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