Hi all, 

I've been reading a lot of posts recently especially the ones about internal vs external attachments as I'm doing some cleaning up of both my personalbrain and my computer more generally. Ideally I would like all my brain attachments to be internal but size makes that a problem. From what I've read some of you keep your attachments separate in only one folder as external attachments and this makes it easy if you change computers or move folders around as you can use the brains 'find and replace' attachment location feature. This appeals to me but I was wondering if there's a limit on folder size or the number of files you can have in a folder. 

I have only one large brain and part of it has all my music, books, movies and tv shows etc linked as external attachments but I keep all those on an external harddrive. In the folder they are sorted into folders by artist name (in the case of music). I didn't realise the brain's 'replace attachment location' couldn't change only part of the attachment location which means when I change computers or want to move the music folder I have to individually change the location of each artist's folder in the brain.

Anyway, what that means for me now is that I'm looking to move all those files into a lot less folders. I probably wouldn't want all my files in one folder - I will probably still split up my documents and music and movies etc - I just don't want the situation I have now where I have to use the replace attachment location hundreds of times. I am wondering though, especially for my music folder, whether I will need to breakdown the folder further and have for example an 'a' 'b' 'c' etc folder where songs will go depending on the artist's name. I haven't decide if this is something I want to do but I am wondering if it's something I should or will have to do because of the number and/or size of files that would be in one folder if I didn't.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time,
If you keep all your music in the music folder, it won't matter what the subfolder structure is, so you should be able to order it any way you want, and then link the subfolders (for example artist folders) into PB.

For example, you have a music folder in E:\Media\Music and a ton of subfolders. You create a link to a subfolder in PB to E:\Media\Music\Sting\Dream of the Blue Turtles.
If you migrate your music folder later to F:\Files\Music, all you have to do is a replace of E:\ with F:\Files and it will update your paths.

As long as you have a limited number of root folders that you add to PersonalBrain (so you can remember them ) it should still be relatively easy to migrate them. It's when you have files all over the place that it becomes difficult/tedious.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Hi Zenrain. 

That was the way I thought the feature worked but when I was playing around with it I was getting weird results so I was obviously doing something wrong ;-)

Following your example I've worked it out now so huge thanks. It really is a great feature (even more so when you know how to use it)!


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