I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with a workflow I am trying to implement.

I like to use external attachments but use both macOS and Windows. I keep all external attachments in a folder in my Dropbox account that syncs to both macOS and Windows. Does anyone know of a way to create a symbolic link (on macOS or Windows) or Environmental Variable (on Windows) that would allow me to attach a file on either platform and clicking the attachment brings me to the document on either OS?

For a little more specific information, the user accounts are named the same:

macOS File Path: /Users/jcsullivan2/Dropbox/TheBrain Files/File.ext
Windows File Path: C:\Users\jcsullivan2\Dropbox\TheBrain Files\File.ext

1. I don't want to use internal attachments for future brain size issues
2. I don't want to use the Dropbox shared URL because it won't allow for searching the attachment within TheBrain
3. I'd prefer to move away from attaching the link twice, once on macOS and once on Windows.

Thank you for any suggestions or points you may give.

Josh Sullivan
TheBrain 11 Alpha Channel
Windows 10 2004 Enterprise

That's a tall order.  I was going to suggest putting 2 different links in your Brain Notes... but you mentioned that you want the content indexed and searchable.
Since yo want the search enabled, this also cancels out the URL option as you've noted.
Next would be 2 attachments on each Thought, one from macOS, one from Windows... but that doubles up your work.

A universal path that can be read from both macOS and Windows.  I don't have a quick solution for you, but I look forward to the community response...


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