Trouble tonight syncing to the server from TB client.  I am able to connect to my account on the server directly through browser (Chrome).

Last time I synced was July 3.  

Additional problem is that now, my TB client is showing as not registered, free version.  When I try to log it in, it gives the message of failing to connect to server.

I was running ver.  I checked and saw there was an update, so updated to  Still won't let me log in, and is asking me if I want to upgrade to Pro (I already did couple months ago or more).

Looks like others are having various server problems, so I hope this will clear up by Monday.

I have followed up with you via support ticket.  Please let me know when you are available to arrange a web meeting, so that we can troubleshoot this issue.

I have about the same problem;
"Trouble tonight syncing to the server from TB client.  I am able to connect to my account on the server directly through browser (Chrome)."
The desktop client (TheBrain works naturally in pro mode.
The problem occured after a internet connection (router) restart, while the webbrain connection was on.
I attach the output.log


Hi Vapan,
Thanks for reporting this. There was a brief interruption which has now been resolved. Please confirm everything is working for you. 
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies
Thanks Tracy, I confirm that everything is working now.
Α coincidence, I suppose.
Is there any documentation about the errors recorded in output.log?
I am attempting to update a Windows 8 Asus notebook what was running TheBrain Pro on Windows 7 but now when I attempt to launch it tells me that it fails to connect to TheBrain Cloud Services. I attempt to login and I get this. Via Internet Explorer and Chrome I can login to the Web version but not the local install. 

Popup blocker is off and this is the trusted site.

Please help
I purchased a PC with Windows 8 and was trying to synchronize with my Brain on my Mac.
When I tried to login, there were no brains on Webbrain, so in a panic I checked my other older PC and that still had my Personal Brain and managed to synchronize it successfully.  It updated perfectly so I at least have my info on one PC.
I have a feeling that for the webbrain to say that I have no brains to sync and my PC has no trouble synchronizing automatically, I think I may have created two separate accounts.  I have so many passwords I may have created another account with a different password.
How would you recommend that I resolve this issue?
Get a password manager.

From your old machine, choose File > Synchronize with TheBrain Cloud Services and note the Username or e-mail name. 
Then go to to and verify you can sign in with that account and see what you expect to see. Finally, on your new computer, use that same username and password to sign in (you may need to use File > Logout to log out of your other account first).
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
As zenrain mentioned, you may want to note what account you are signed in with on the machine where everything is correct. You can do this by navigating to: Options > Preferences or by visiting your Settings page on After you're sure of the correct account you can navigate to: File > Logout on the new machine and log in with the correct account.

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