If you really want to burn up the man-hours try moving or copying a large collection of HTML documents into a Brain.  Most HTML pages have an attached folder containing the various objects included on the page, and Windows always keeps the two together.  PersonalBrain is oblivious to this, and moves only the HTML, leaving the supporting file behind.

To save your data, you must locate the lost folder (named xxx_files) in its original directory, then open the thought folder, and move the file there by hand.  This is a very slow procedure, so forget about any deadlines you might have.

Once you've done this, you will find the plex overly cluttered with folders or attachments that should not be shown unless specifically requested, but it is still useable.

The programmers working on the premature "beta" must be going nuts trying to make progress while having to incorporate a continuous stream of bug fixes (and new bugs) from the current version!  I don't envy them.   (PBPro

I've learned the last person to work on this task of importing HTML docs in bulk developed a faster work-around, moving about 30 or 40 at a time.  There are several thousand of these still to do, though, so we will wait for a fix.  Here are the steps to use if you don't want to wait:

Create two empty folders on your desktop.  Copy a batch of HTML files to the first folder.  In that folder, select all the "_files" folders and move them to the second folder.  The HTML docs that go with these folders will move with them.  The remaining docs are standalone, so they won't be a problem.

Next, make sure that PB's "show virtual thoughts for folders" option is turned off.  Then create a new thought to use as a parent and click on it.

From the second Windows folder, Control-Shift-Drag all the HTML docs into the plex where they create child thoughts.  Notice that the "_files" folders stay behind.  Arrange the plex so you can read enough of the titles on the new thoughts to properly identify them.  Now, one at a time, Control-Shift-Drag the top "_files" folder into the plex, dropping it very carefully on the right half of the matching thought.  It will disappear from the Windows folder, and the thought should now show the icon that means it contains two files (forget the word attachments, it just confuses things).  Then go back and do this again until all these folders have been moved to their matching thoughts.

Finally, go back to the first Windows folder, which contains the standalone HTML docs, select them all, and Control-Shift-Drag them into a blank area of the plex so they will link to the parent thought with the others.


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