We've updated the Cloud Services again. This time the focus is on the performance of the cloud server. You'll notice much faster navigation through thoughts - in some cases it will be even faster than your local desktop client. In addition, there are many other improvements. Here are details:

Dramatically Faster Performance

  • The cloud server has been re-architected to provide optimized response times every time a thought is clicked.
  • Every Thought, even those with thousands of related items, is returned in less than a second. For some Thoughts, this is more than a 1,000% performance improvement.
  • For the first few days, performance improvements may not be noticeable as data is converted to the newer format.


Drag and Drop Adding of Attachments

  • Use drag and drop to upload files from your desktop or to add links to web pages.
  • Supported in the latest releases of all the major browsers – Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari


Types and Tags from the Web Client

  • Tags
    • Tags can be added, removed, and created via the Thought context menu
    • Tag reports can now be viewed from the Web client. Right click on the background and select “Tag Report” from the context menu
  • Thought Types
    • Thought types can be set as well as created via the Thought context menu


Web Client Preferences

  • Right-click on the background and select Preferences from the context menu to open the Preferences dialog.
  • Brain Settings lets you change colors, wallpaper, fonts, and hint options directly from the web client. Global Settings lets you set your preferred font size for all Brains.


Other Web Client Improvements

  • On touch devices, you can now scroll through related Thought by dragging. For example, to scroll the child thoughts, instead of tapping on the scroll bar, just drag the child Thoughts themselves.
  • When editing notes, checkboxes can now be inserted and modified.


General Improvements

  • Various fixes and optimizations throughout
  • Improved sync performance
  • Better compatibility with Internet Explorer 10
  • New Brain dialog box
    • Streamlined UI for creating a brain online



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