If I want to attach multiple photos to a thought, it's currently 3-4 clicks per image. Would love the UI to allow selecting multiple images at once to attach.
@KenBlackman ~

FWIW, this was possible in TB8, I used it all the time and I've been missing it ever since. In fact, I've bookmarked at least 10 different discussion topics for this feature request in the forum since I began beta testing TB9 in 2016.

Definitely +1 (or +100!) for allowing users to attach, remove and move multiple files at one time.

This one change would simplify work flow in TheBrain significantly -- and I remain puzzled by the fact that this apparently simple functionality has not yet be implemented.

Q for TB Support team: Are there some technical challenges associated with providing this functionality? Or has it just not been prioritized so far?
Workaround: Open Thought Folder (you can set a keyboard shortcut for this too). Dump files straight into the folder.
Using: Evernote | Filterize | Roam Research | Feedly | Save Page WE | TheBrain v11.0.91.0

(Windows 10)

Thanks for posting. If I'm understanding the request correctly, you should be able to select multiple images and drag them on to an EXISTING thought (hover over the thought).  If you drag to an open area of the plex, you'll then end up with multiple, individual thoughts for each image.

Well this is iOS, so I'm talking about hitting the paper clip (bottom right), then hitting the folder (bottom left), then selecting a photo to add to the current thought.

There, multiple images should be selectable.

(In iOS is there another way to add images to a thought?)

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