During a presentation, I hover on thought icons to make them appear bigger when they are slides or graphs. That works well but of course you can't move the mouse away or the slide/graph shrinks back into an icon. Would it be possible, when we stop moving the mouse, to auto-hide the mouse after say 1 sec, until we start moving it again? That way the mouse won't obscure part of the slide/graph and we can use a pointer to point on specific areas as we comment the slide graph? The mouse should show again when we start moving it again.

This works well when using a video player, the mouse disappears after one second or so because the player detects this.

Thanks for considering this!
TB V10.0.32.0 running in Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1809 with Bootcamp on a 2018 MBP 13" with 16Gb of RAM, 2TB SSD and i7 @ 2.7Ghz.

An excellent idea. I've documented for review.


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