If would be very useful to have a thought auto-number mode to allow for the user controlled ordering of child thoughts...  Selecting this mode would automatically assign a number prefix to all child thoughts (cascading to a user selectable depth).  Then the user could drag and drop to re-order/re-number thoughts and have the number cascade, if desired, automatically.  This functionality would be very useful when creating a Work Breakdown Structure using theBrain or any numbered hierarchy.


1.0 Child Thought A
  1.1 Child Thought A1
  1.2 Child Thought A2
2.0 Child Thought B
  2.1 Child Thought B1
  2.2 Child Thought B2

Thanks for your consideration,
I vote for this idea.  Although, I think the same basic functionality should be available without numbering. In other words, I should be able to place the thoughts in any order I want, and the thoughts stay in that order. I appreciate automatic sorting and I appreciate that several different sort options exist. However, it would be nice if the thoughts could be manually placed in the order desired without necessity of numbers.  Numbers sometimes are not aesthetic. Also, the way it is now, if the order changes, one must renumber (I understand the proposal is that the numbers renumber automatically).

On a more fundamental level, the Brain is extremely functional and useful. I understand that a complete rewriting is in progress to make it more solid and powerful also to leave Java .... I think all that is good. I paid the money to participate in the prerelease. I immediately determined that the pre release although promising is nowhere near appropriate for actual work (I often use betas for actual work without problem but this is nowhere near the traditional beta). I made a mental note to postpone consideration of Version 9 for actual until at least June. I am really more interested in getting Version 9 up and running with all the functionality of Version 8 than getting new features. I figure the new features can be added in due course.  I hope when version 9 is up and going that development doesn't stop. The various feature requests here can be added little by little over time. Almost all the requests are good. I know if you keep changing the specs the job never gets done. Just my thoughts.

This would sort of turn TB into an outliner?

It's a nice idea, but would require a 'Custom Sort' or 'ad hoc order' functionality that is able to persist between sessions and be set per thought.

I guess you could also use an identifier in the title for the number (eg "#" or "#.#").

Having the ability to order child thoughts without a sort algorithm would be very beneficial: Would mean not cluttering the Title with characters to force alphabetical sort order (and make it much more flexible as noted above).
Thank you for sharing.  A few thoughts to share.  This feature exists if entered manually. In other words, try creating the following thoughts and you'll see they appear in the order in which you have numbered them:

1.1 Zebra
1.2 Apple
1.3 Yak
1.4 Banana

I realize your request is for an automated process, so I'll write this up.

I think this could also be helpful in a new form of Outline importing.  As I'm sure you've noticed, the import options from Brain 8 have not yet migrated into TheBrain 9.  I'll document your request for further review when we start focusing on these related features.

Thank you,

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