This is a straight up feature request, not something we had in 8.

Background on why I want this so badly:

I am in outline view 90% of the time.

I use the brain to keep A TON of work related information.
  • I have found that almost invariably, if I delete it, next week I'll wish I had it.
  • Or sometimes 6 months later a leader will ask me a question that I could answer I had just kept that thing. 
  • So I keep a lot of emails, a lot of documents, and in a corporate setting these accumulate rapidly.

The context of 'when' that thought was created (or modified) is extremely important.
  • I need to see very quickly how old something is (without having to open the attachment or view the thought details.)
  • In a list of 50 thoughts, I need to zero in on a certain timeframe, or know how stale the information is.
  • Sometimes this helps me rebuild a story or a paper trail.

I need this to the extent that in many cases I preface the thought name itself with 'YYMMDD | ' so that when I sort by name I get them not only in relative chronological order (moderately interesting) but with the actual dates displayed (extremely useful.) For example:


You already track thought creation and modification date. I just need a quick and easy way to see that in the plex.

So here is what I envision:

A toggle to hide/display thought date, choosing either the creation date or modified date.

When toggled on, display date on all thoughts in the plex like a tag, to the left of the thought instead of the right.

Preferably, a preference dialog where I can set:
  • Text Color, just like I can do with a tag (My personal preference would be subdued gray for minimal plex clutter)
  • Date Format (ie, MM/DD/YYYY vs Mmm-6.... think Excel date format options. Here again, my personal choice would be something very minimal to cut down on clutter, but why not provide users the option)
This combined with the 'sort by creation/modified date' options we had in The Brain 8 would create some powerful chronological context for what you are seeing in the plex.

Simple mockup:


I know you guys have a lot going on just getting 9 off the ground, but I'm looking forward to what ideas you may be able to try and field once it has stabilized.
+1 me too would like a "time machine" view of my brain(s).
Thank you for the feature request - documenting this now.



Date is really one of the essential methods of finding archived information.

I personally would also use two other metadata dates: expected_completion_date and completion_date -- which would allow calendar type actions without the missing calendar.

Yes this would be excellent ALONG with: please let us SET our own dates! Sometimes the date a thought was literally created or modified is not the date we want to see (e.g. if rather than updating every day we sit down on one day to create thoughts for events of past month, a common scenario in my life).
I have verified on this feature request, the additional requested component of being able to append the date.

Thank you,


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