Hi everybody,
right now the Brain has conquered almost all data relevant for my work. It has clearly matured since version 1., but there's always more to dream of...
I cannot imagine I am the only one who has a job with a varying daily routine on the one hand but repeating patterns on the other. O.K., the example is simpler: My Monday is much different from my Tuesday but very similar to my next Monday.

- if I had templates for my calendar like "my normal week", "my day off" or "my alternate week" in which I could define a pattern of events


- I could freely assign templates to periods of my calendar,

I could easily see the structure of my working day in the Day and Week views and  plan the available time easier.
I have no idea how much work that is and I can see what amount of new requests such a tool would  provoke, but  you must admit it sounds interesting.
Joerg Schulze.


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