Provide more contextual information of what potential existing thoughts available to link to.

When you are a creating a jump, parent, or child thought and type the name of the new thought, a drop down list of matching thoughts is shown, so that you can link to an existing thought.

I am creating a new thought  "dbstop".  On the list of existing thoughts I see three "dbstop" thoughts.  Which one should I link to?  In this scenario, each of these dbstop thoughts link to batch files that stop particular database instances.   

Work arounds
Don't use the same thought names.  Not too practical.  Example, two John Smith thoughts.

1.   The drop down list can contain more info.  example:
Name, Label, Parent name, Parent Label    This allows the user to make a faster and easier selection.

Hi Josef, as you are probably aware, PB3 incorporated the display of the parent thought's name when multiple thoughts of the same name were found. We are planning on adding this capability to PB4 also.

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