I don't know about ya'll, but my digital brain has become enormous.

Due to restrictions in search across multiple brains, I prefer to have everything in one place. However, the pins start to lose their value when your brain has a diverse set of unrelated topics.

Each brain starts with a 'home' thought. Naturally, the next set of thoughts/children are likely subject clusters. Meaning, thoughts/subjects with a lots of child.

If we could set a parent thought to have it's own pins, this would be a huge organisational improvement.

Hope my explanation makes sense!

@reasonablekamikaze ~

Interesting idea!

Since I also have a large megabrain (for the very same convenience in searching), I can certainly appreciate the value of having more pinning options -- and now, in light of your feedback, I'd like to suggest a slightly modified version of this request in combination with a previously documented request for multiple rows of pins.

Since I would like to preserve my top row of home thought pins, I would like to have the option of linking a few designated parent thoughts (for major areas of my megabrain) each to a specific row of pins that would display immediately below the home thought row whenever one of these designated parent thoughts is activated.

This would allow the home thought row of pins to remain visible and accessible at all times. However, whenever I navigate into one of the designated brain areas, a secondary row of pins would automatically appear (immediately below the top row of pins) for navigating within the designated brain area.

= Update =

An alternative to this feature request was documented some time ago for a responsive menu of nested pins across the top of the plex. The pin menu option could serve a similar function, in a more compact format, for multiple areas in a brain.

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