I have mapped this dialog to alt+shift+1 and use it many times a day.
@metta thank you for pointing this feature out to me, I completely overlooked it for a long time

Since knowing about it, I've gotten considerably faster using TheBrain.
[easy, straightforward requests]
However, the fact that it always refers its center to the active Thought is a limitation.
It would be better, if it always were to refer to the focus-highlighted Thought (which is the active Thought by default, of course).
I don't think there's a situation, where anyone would be annoyed by this change, so it doesn't have to be optional, I believe. The setting should then be renamed to "include focussed Thought".

Another issue I have, is that "include active Thought" is enabled by default.
I almost never want to include it. And after each time I use this, I have to press alt+1 (my keybinding for Selection>Toggle Selection). So this is dozens of extra monthly clicks for me.
If I disable "include active Thought", it will remember this preference within a TheBrain-session, but after each program restart, it will forget it again.
So if it would always show me this dialog with my last options enabled, I'd be happier with it.

[below are less straight-forward, less thought-through requests about making this dialog a powerful filtering tool]
It would also be great, if there were more entries in "include".
It could also have an option for "typed Thoughts", "tagged Thoughts" and "normal Thoughts".

If it would also automatically list all available Thought types and tags and enabled one to select and deselect them at will.
It wouldn't need to show all tags and types, like Report does (which would be too cumbersome to use), but merely the ones, that are actually available in the selected range.
To accomodate this, the dialog should probably be wider/taller or whatever.

An additonal button for "make all Selections as children/jumps/parents of a newly created View-Thought" would be excellent. The view-Thought should have a list of the filter-settings taken, a timestamp in the title or Note, so that one can easily run it in the future.

People have recently been asking for a new Plex-view with better/faster/more practical filtering options.
Creating a custom-view should be doable from this or a very similar dialog, I believe.
Anything like Report would not be great, as it's not keyboard-navigable and lacks the context of the active Thought.

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