First let me say that I have been working with PB since v3  (sorry, I still think of it as Personal Brain) and at that time we could only dream of a day when we could carry our Brains in our pockets 😁. So I am very happy to now be using PB for IOS    Even happier to find out that the Mobile Brain actually works, because I assume that it is not an easy task to shoehorn a large application into such a small space.   Congratulations to Harlan and his team.  

The other nice thing about the Mobile Brain is that I can use it on a day to day basis as I walk around away from my OSX version.   Went out for a walk, because we should all be getting away from our computers once in a while, and as ideas came-up I was actually able to place them right where I wanted them for later followup.  

Also excited about information capture via BrainBox and distributing the item to the right Thought.  I have been working with DevonThinkProOffice and their mobile application.  Did a side-by-side test with capturing and handling a piece of information and they both had the same number of steps, with Mobile Brain actually being slightly better in the end-result due to its Thought structure. 

I think that Mobile Brain is going to be my main day-to-day Mobile information capturing system.  This week I am going to a trade-show and I will walk the floor with Mobile Brain as my main information capture method, so that I can see how easy or cumbersome it is to capture information quickly. 

Up to now I have noted the following Feature Requests for the Mobile Brain that I would like to suggest.   
  1. Back/Forward Navigator - I would like to be able to go back to the last series of Thoughts that visited and forward from there.  Now my only options are to Pin or Search.   Sure, I can hunt back the last thought but the problem is that the text size does not allow for an easy view (for older eyes) when there are multiple thoughts.   It wold be easier to just go back.  Some iOS applications do a two finger tap for back and 3 finger tap for forward. 
  2. Create a check-list in the notes area.    I am able to create a checklist on OSX but not IOS.  Funny how the simple check-list option is very useful while mobile.   I can create ideas from a conversation, tasks, projects, etc.   This is actually an important area for information input that would make the Mobile Brain even more useful on a day to day basis (Hint: client retention).   
    1. Associated with this, for iOS and OSX, can you please remove the "strike-through" on the checklist.  Right now once the box is checked the text gains a strike-through.   Just leave the box checked and don't modify the text.    I still would like to read the (already small) text without having something blocking it.
  3. Change the Font Size in Notes 
  4.  Portrait mode -  Perhaps this is something to do with my phone iPhone7+ but it does not rotate like on my iPad.  Would be nice to have that.
  5. Auto Brain sync - Perhaps it is on my version of Mobile Brain, but I  have to press the cloud icon for the content to sync.   Can it be set to sync after every action, or after x-minutes?
Thank you for your attention to this matter. 🐒

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