I think it would be great to record a series of jumps as a Guided Wander. Perfect for presentations either before a real audience or for the web brain.

How it would work:

1. I press record.
2. I navigate from thought to thought, either by clicking on nearby links, or using the search function.
3. Each jump is recorded into the Guided Wander.
4. I can then choose the amount of time to stay on each thought like in normal wander. You start the Guided Wander, and it auto-jumps from thought to thought, pausing for the specified amount of time.
5. Or if I'm using it as a real audience presentation, I can press play/pause/forwards/backwards like in powerpoint – even better with a remote.

Cool option would be to expand thought icon/image, also specifiable to a certain delay or with a click of a mouse/remote.

Would be great for guiding people through webbrains and doing powerpoint type presentations.

Thanks for all your heard work,


Hello. Thanks for posting. This concept is something we have been thinking about for a while. I call it a "train of thought" and we are considering it for future version.

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