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That's different approach Tim that I hadn't considered. It would add an extra click, but it seems to make things simpler. Thoughts?

Sounds like a perfect idea. And it certainly could be preferenced for those people that simply like the 'create child thougt' default. Or the default would be set to that and the second click would not be noticed.
I agree and would like to have that feature; which addresses some of my other create thought issues in a much simpler way.
To keep this thread alive...

I would like that option AND an "always do this" option in case I figure out a system that bypasses that dialog. (with an "preferences" choice to bring back the dialog if I decide otherwise later - and (while I am dreaming...) a keyboard shortcut (assignable, of course...) so I can choose between the default choice or the dialog depending on what I am doing...(research vs. brain organization, for example...)

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We've address some of these concerns already by allowing dropping on to existing thoughts in the plex. The outstanding item is to allow navigation prior to dropping. We'll probably address this by enabling the activation of thoughts via the "wiggle" from PB3 and/or thought activation by pausing over top of a thought (like drag and drop of folders on a mac or drag to the taskbar on windows...)
I thought about my "Inbox"-Pin and what I like and don't like about that, and I came up with another suggestion: as 4100 now adds a lot more flexibility to the whole config, how about turning even the plex itself into a window - and allowing us to have more than one plex (for the same brain) open at the same time.

This would make it possible to have an "Inbox"-Window where one could navigate etc. as required - without affecting the "main thought" that he's working on in the "other" window. Context-menu for thoughts should then also include "Open in new window".

How about even another another brain in a TAB same as firefox tabs.
two possible solutions as general usable features:

1. right click on any (non active) thought and make child/Parent/Jump & write text immediately by pressing ctl or shift or alt return

2. right click on any non activated thought offers a **new note window** just like it does already  for a properties & attachment window
(of which you may have open more than one btw)

in other words:
(1) opens text-window for a just now created linked thought without leaving the actual active thought
(2) does the same but for an already existing (and linked) thought

both would apply for adding text or child/parent/jump to any non active thought.

in specific the first feature would allow for adding new  related thoughts to any pinned thought.

I think both features are only one implementation effort and would be kind of orthogonal to other features for non active thoughts

curious about votes for this, Hannes
... Furthermore I think TheBrain is unique
regards Hannes from Bavaria
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I've seem posts for similar 'inbox' features elsewhere in the forum. Is such feature 'on it's way' still? Any timeframe?

This suggestion from tcahill summarizes what I'm after
So, one drags something into the plex from outside of PB. PB notes that something has just been dropped into it's window, and pops up a dialog that presents the user with an assortment of choices: Attach to current thought, Create link from current thought, Navigate plex to desired drop location.

Perhaps it could be handled without the need for a pop up dialog though? Attaching seems to be handled already by dragging the thought over the active (or any other visible or pinned thought). Creating a (child) link to the active thought is handled also by dropping anywhere else on the plex.

What could be ideal is to create some sort of 'hot zone' around the active thought. If you drop something into the hot zone it automatically creates a child thought from the active thought. If you drop something outside the hot zone, PB would know you don't want to link or attach to the active thought. PB would keep the new thought unlinked but visible on the plex until you navigate to where to want to link it to. From there you can create a child, parent or jump link to the new thought sitting on the plex.

Just stumbled onto this subject.  I like it.  tcahill's is a good approach.  If I can summarize this:

User drags a link onto Brain.
If no default response is setup in options, then the Brain will open a dialog so that user can pick the handling of the new thought, such as:  Add to inBox, Attach to current thought, Create link from current thought, Navigate plex to desired drop location, etc.

I think the important thing is to allow a default action to be set, and the default action out of the box is to do the traditional brain action, create a child or attachment (depending where the D&D occurs).

--- Josef

I had a quick play with mini-mode last night and it occurred to me that this feature effectively addresses my requirement to have an inbox thought.

With PB6 in mini-mode and my 'inbox' thought active, I can press the hot key to activate PB and then press F6 to create a child thought which will be attached to my 'inbox'. I didn't try it but I'm guessing I can also drag and drop URL, shortcuts etc which will be added to the inbox thought as attachments. All with minimal interruption to my existing workflow.

One thing I did notice was that when I'm in mini-mode but using another application the display is the same as when I change focus to PB. Would be useful if the display changed when PB is not active - say the little PB icon was grayed out and changed to blue when PB was activated.


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