The foreground and background color customization are very limited as there are really few combinations that are viable visually. Please consider adding some of these options below for individual thoughts and types.

  • Font Size - Scaling down can be a problem but how about just scaling up. Maybe a [+1,+2,+3,...] as an option.
  • Font Style - Underline, Bold, Strike-through
  • Font Shadow - On/Off per thought & type.
  • Font Shadow Color - Again, need to adjust for certain color combinations.
  • Thought Borders/Shadows - for non-distant thoughts

Thanks for reading & I hope to see some of these in v11.
Thank you for posting. I believe some of the items in your list can be accomplished in the app.

First, regarding the size of the fonts in the plex. This can be done with the slider button.  Look for the aA button in the toolbar above the plex. More information on this feature is available here:

Font types, Colors and shadows can all be adjusted in the Brain Theme window:

You did mention underlining, strike-through and applying these changes per thought, so I'll be sure to document these options as feature requests.

Thank you,
Hi Matt,

Thanks for the response, I was actually talking about customization for individual thoughts/types. I'll go make a quick edit 🙂

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