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I would be willing to test Mark's 'mini-Brain' on Android with the current beta (alpha?) installed.

@mctrexler ~

thank you for sharing your findings. To me the worst experience was with GoogleDrive and MS OneDrive. But that "worst" comes from their advantage: possibility to have several accounts on the same machine. Browser often takes the wrong account, and when opening the link I often need to do extra steps to see the content of the file.

The ideal solution would be like TB did with OneNote links. If you paste a link to a OneNone paragraph into a Note of a though in TB, actually I get 2 links pasted:
 - onenote://https://onedrive.com/.......
 - https://onedrive.com/....
the first opens desktop OneNote app, the second opens web-version of OneNote.
This would be ideal for cloud-based attachments as well. On a PC or Mac you can click the first, "local" link, while on iOS/Android - the web-one.

But I suspect this "ideal" solution will never be implemented (I was really surprised when found it for OneNote links).

re: file atttachments as cloud weblinks
I would find weblinks to be quite useless on Android. Mobile internet is an immature, unreliable technology.
Sure, wifi is better, but if I have it, I might as well use a real computer.
I have my OneDrive synced to the internal SD Card of my Android via a third party software.
There's enough space on micro SD Cards (if you badly wanted to, you could even get a 1 TB micro SD).

OneDrive even allows full Android sync out of the box, but the files are only accessible via the extremely buggy OneDrive app.
Maybe there's some kind of API to work with that, though.

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I would be willing to test Mark's 'mini-Brain' on Android with the current beta (alpha?) installed.


That would be great.  I've attached a link to the public access web client:  https://bra.in/4py46a

To let you test on Android mobile I need your email address to give you "private access"

There are now three sets of links: Dropbox, Sync.com, and 10xDrive.io (a new cloud storage system being sold over the internet right now. Ironically, it is the only one that seems to be reliably doing everything I want it to do right now).  


@mctrexler ~ Thanks so much for the update! Very glad to hear that 10xDrive may be providing the functionality you need. I'm looking forward to reviewing....

In the meantime, Mark, have you been able to determine if the shared brain bug we found this weekend is occurring with shared brains in the iOS app?

@jefallbright ~ Please note that, once Mark gives you private access to this shared brain, it will be important to check your mobile app and desktop display against the web client following any future updates because of the aforementioned bug Mark and I found this weekend.

Specifically, if you do NOT see the current version of Mark's brain (as displayed in the web client) in your mobile app and/or in the desktop after syncing, try closing the mobile app and/or the desktop app and then reopening it. At that point, the version you see in your app should match the web client.

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