The JSON export feature is really nice, and one thing I'm thinking about doing is to make a web app that will allow one to visualize the connections in ways other than in the built-in- 3 views offered. For example, a giant map that displayes every single thought you have and the connections between them in a nice way. Possibly one could also import the JSON file as a graph to yED, etc.

The thing is though, currently JSON export exports everything, which as someone who has a 30G brain means a ton of wait and unnecessary disk operations just for the tiny plain-text JSON I'm after.

Would it be possible to have JSON export and an option of "skip attachments"?

(The "text-outlines" export option gives plain text only, but has no information about connections.)

Thanks so much in advance. 

Thanks for posting. We recently documented a request to export a Thought Selection (small collection of specifically selected Thoughts) to JSON - rather than exporting the entire Brain. It may not be feasible to export with/without certain feature, such as attachments, but I'll document your request. You certainly do have the option to copy a selection of thoughts into a sample Brain - then modify (edit/delete unwanted content) prior to exporting this new, smaller Brain to JSON.

Thank you,
Appreciate the tip Matt. Thanks!

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