On the surface "linked files"-support seems a little absurd. But the only thing that's needed is file access to the external SD card and some way to interpret a link, so that it root is what the external SD-Card is. Perhaps the internal would make sense, but those are usually too small for Cloud sync.
With that simple feature enabled, I could access all my files from within the Brain, no matter what my device is.
Cause the sync ensures that the files are always where they're supposed to.
This already works with multiple Windows machines and OneDrive.

With a third party tool (or if necessary a less impractical cloud provider entirely) I can have my files in the Android file system, anyway. So why not let me open them?

Lenovo Legion Y720 | 32Gb Ram | i5-7300-HQ, 4 cores @2.5 Ghz | GTX 1060 | :{Windows 10 (latest build) |  SSD: Model SAMSUNG MZVLW256HEHP-000L2

Laptop monitor: 15,6 inch, 1920x1080@60Hz
external monitor: 42.5 inch, 3840x2160@60Hz
(I use one or the other, never both at once)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 256Gb LTE
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 256Gb LTE
unless otherwise specified, assume 100% scaling
My videos always show the current time & date (look at Windows Taskbar).
How to use TheBrain 11 fast (work in progress)

Thank you David. I'll document the request.


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