Pretty please. 

I found this post from 9 years ago, so guess it's not top-of-mind lol.

Thanks for posting.  As mentioned in the previous post, having multiple parent thoughts is always an option.  For example, Banana can fall under the parent thoughts of Fruit, Food or Yellow.  

Next (and this may not have been an option back in 2010) you can also assign multiple TAGS.  So Banana can also be tagged with Favorite, Inexpensive and Potassium.

The main purpose of thought types (as I understand it) is that they provide inheritance of properties like icon and color. If TheBrain supported multiple types, how would it decide which property is inherited? Like, if Type1 is red and Type2 is blue, what is the color of a thought that is both a Type1 and a Type2?

It's not that there's no sensible way to design multiple inheritance, but it seems to me that adding multiple note types would really complicate the inheritance model without giving much benefit.

As it happens, most object-oriented programming languages don't support multiple inheritance either, for similar reasons.

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