There have been many feature requests around link types and thought types.  Here's another...

How about rules that will automatically apply types or styles?  This would be an extension (or redesign) of the colors tab in Preferences.  Currently there is a long list of items with colors.  This could be modifed so that some of them are rules based - like the MS Outlook rules.

e.g., there are three different thought text types - normal, forgotton and private.  There could be rules that set color, font, style, size, etc. based on which type.  For links, there could be default rules for parent, child and jump links.  

This way assigning an attribute to a thought or link could be used to trigger a style change, rather than applying a style per se or could be used to apply a type to a thought or link.    There could be default attributes - priority, link type, private, etc.etc., plus user defineable ones.

Do you mean something like "color all thoughts with more than 3 attachments red" type of rule?


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