sort Plex only after activating Thought-option:
When I rename a non-active, via arrow-key selected Thought, the Thought will automatically sort itself immediately.
It would be nice, if it would only resort that Thought as soon as another Thought would be activated. This should be an option, as it's conceivable that some people would appreciate the instant sorting.

Another issue:
When I rename a non-active, via arrow-key selected Thought, there is inconsistent behaviour. 
Assume I have Thoughts "A", "B", "C", "D", which share an activated parent called "Frank, why not. Who cares what the parent is called".
They are alphabetically sorted/sorted by "Name".

If I move the higlight to "B" and rename it to "E", it will instantly resort and....

in normal view:
...and the highlight will stay in the same ordinal position. So the highlight will now be on "C".

in mindmap and outline view:
...and the highlight will stay with the renamed Thought moving across the Plex into its new position.

my reasoning for these changes:
I prefer the mindmap/outline view behaviour. It would be good if Normal View would also move the highlight with the Thought.
This is better for me, because often I wish to rename a Thought and then edit its Note.  This is difficult in Normal view as the Thought you just renamed might be hidden by scrollbars. If I don't remember what I just renamed this Thought to, I might even have trouble finding it at all!

However even this is not good! In most scenarios I wished that the focus highlight would stay where it was and the Thought stayed where it was.
This is because I often want to systematically work on Thoughts one after another going thru a whole list.
I often treat Children of a parent as a list, that I go thru.
If the list itself resorts itself each time I edit a Thought name, I never know when I've finished with the list! (not so much an issue if the list only has five entries, but try a parent with fifty similar Thoughts and you won't laugh at my lack of short term memory then)

a short video showing off the different resort behaviours:

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How to use TheBrain 11 fast (work in progress)

I see the inconsistency and will document for further review.


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