Adding an additional Note to a Thought takes five keystrokes at the moment (not counting the mandatory naming dialog).
Those are the custom keybinding to invoke the "add Attachment"-dialog (I use alt+4 for that), one tab to select the first button ("link to file"), two more tabs to select the "add Note"-button, another spacebar-press to finally call up the naming-dialog.
This is slow. I suggest that the position of "add Note" moves to the top-position, as it's a much more important feature than adding a file-link, which usually is done via drag & drop, anyway.
Also as soon as the dialog appears, "add Note" should be visibly selected, so I could immediately get to the naming-dialog with spacebar. So only two keystrokes instead of five.

A direct keybinding to get straight to the naming-dialog of a new Note would also be nice to have, so it'd only be one keystroke.

Personally I could do away with the "name the note"-step entirely and would be perfectly happy if it just defaulted to the name of the Thought (plus perhaps a (1), (2) etc., should there be notes of the same name).
If I'm unhappy with the default name, I would just be another "Attachment>Rename"-command away from changing it to my liking.
But mostly, when I feel like creating another note, I want to write something immediately, not think about a document title.
How am I supposed to even know what to call something, before I have written it?

This is the natural workflow of any text-editor after all.
Write first, think about names later (if at all). Click image for larger version - Name: dialog.png, Views: 23, Size: 1.79 MB

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Thanks for posting. Great idea and I'll document the feature request.


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