This is to enhance the usage of multiple brain /Tab interface.

The feature request is to be able to transfer an internal attachment to another Brain.

This is useful when you want a copy of the file attachment to another Brain, or want to archive it on another Brain. 
It would be cool to be able to draw links between tabs whether same brain or different brains
Thanks sibleyd for the support![thumb][wave]

You can currently copy a Thought and paste into another Brain.  You can also right click on an internal attachment tab to copy or cut and then paste into another Brain.  Is that the feature you're looking for?

The feature request is similar to how you would use "Move File out of the Brain" an internal attachment then select the destination where you save the file to an external location.

The process would be similar but instead of choosing an external location, the user would choose a Brain.

We have 2 Opened Brains
Brain A
Brain B

Brain A (Has 1 Thought and 2 attachments)
  Thought - "Move Attachment Out"
      Attachment - "123.doc"
      Attachment - "456.doc"

Brain B (has 2 Thoughts)
  Thought - "123 doc here"
  Thought - "456 doc here"

In order for the user to move out the 2 attachments of Brain A, the user needs to set the destination Thought where he/she would like to put it.
From the example above, if the user would like to move out attachment 456.doc of Brain A to the Thought "456 doc here" of Brain B 

1. The user would first focus Brain B's "456 doc here" Thought
2. The user would go back to Brain A and select Attachment "456.doc"
3. The user right click on the selected attachment, choose "Move File out to Another Brain"
4. TheBrain would then transfer it to the "456 doc here" Thought

The idea has limit of 2 Brains, I dont know how to do it if there are multiple Brains open, maybe the manual way would be an alternative.

Thanks Galactic - documented. If possible, this process might even be simplified with a drag and drop...


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