There's a lot of configuration possible to make the "Notes>Insert Date/Time"-command look just right.

Personally, I always set it to "HH:MM", so that I can have a simple timestamp for daily notetaking.
That's what's most important. I have set this to ctrl+d and am very comfortable with it.

However, if I had more than just one time slot, I'd have at least one that would give me the current date in "dd/mm" without the year, with the year "dd/mm/yy".
Probably also a slot that tells me what day of the week it is, so "ddd" or "dddd".
And I'm not quite sure what for, but I'd also set up something using "ss". Perhaps to hold my breath with "mm:ss".

@Spacenexus probably would appreciate it to have a version with Timezone-info as well as one without at his fingertips?

I'd personally use probably around four of them (some more, some less) all with ctrl+d, ctrl+shift+d, alt+d, alt+shift+d and would be able to keep them straight easily.
It feels like a shame to have extensive configuration options, but only one slot and command to make use out of it.


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Got it. Documented.


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