if user pastes a link to one-note page into a note of a thought, then, the link is handled by the app.
actually, "paste" into note makes 2 links: one-note and web.

but if I just add it as URL (attach URL to a thought), it's always opened by web. 
I think you have to be more specific. Which version of OneNote on which platform. IIRC the modern Windows app is still crippled in functionality compared to ON 2016.

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How to use TheBrain 11 fast (work in progress)


does not matter which: app or 2016. If I just paste a link into a note of a thought - clicking on such link opens a dialog where I can choose which of the OneNotes will handle the action. It works now in TheBrain 11, but only for the links that are inside of the notes. Not for the attached URLs.

I would ask for exactly the same behavior for the attached URLs, if it's a one-note URL.


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