I have 2 requests related to the Outline view:

1) When hovering over a thought with Children, a plus sign appears to allow the expansion of the current thought to show its Children.  It would be very useful if we could use subsequent presses of the plus sign to expand successive levels of Children and have the minus sign do the same but in reverse.

2) I find myself using Outline view as one of my "indexes" to my mega brain especially from a timeline perspective.  I like to keep this Outline view open at all times.  I find that when I need to do some work related to a thought in this Outline view, I switch to another Normal view, search for the Thought and then do my updates.  It would be nice to be able to right click on a Thought in the Outline view and be able to spawn a new Normal view with the active Though being the one I right clicked on.


Thanks for posting.  I like the extension of the Expand/Collapse buttons in Outline view.  Documented as a feature request.

We also have an existing feature request to right click on a Thought to Open in New Brain Tab.  This would fulfill your second request if/when implemented.

Thank you,

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