Hi TB team,
thanks for making PDF preview work again with version 121. It's good and will be very useful as is. Well done!

I wish Microsoft content (PPT, DOCX, Excel) could work like the PDF preview does... 

But, you could make it better, way better. In fact, PDF preview could be your killer functionality that nobody else is able to offer, when combined with the Toughts and the Plex.

You should offer, Thought links to in-PDF bookmarks. This would be a game-changer capability ! The single functionality that would drive users to adopt TB, instead of many other citation managers or even Evernote.

Let me point you to my previous feature request - most likely the longest post that you ever saw on this forum:

For those that don't want to read the full post: 


[Key Capability] Make content a core item in TB, not just attachments of thoughts

In regards to how information is stored and classified in TB, there should be a significant evolution. Thoughts are a key component of TB but "Content" - imported documents - should be at the core of the product. Content is more important than Thoughts!

While a thought can hold one important message - described by its name or maybe its notes - a single document (PDF file for example) can hold thousands of thoughts. Could be a full book, for example. Yes, a thought can have dozens of attachments, but what information does that expose to the user? Not much - we will only know that on a specific document attached to the thought (that could be 500 pages long) there is something related to the thought... I rather use my yellow post-it tag from 3M to mark the book's page!

KWs should be able to explore TB the other way around - with content at the center. TB should allow content directly on the plex, not just attached to thoughts. This could be a photo, a PDF, PowerPoint presentation, video, Web page. The visual representation should be a thumbnail of the content that would open the full content if double clicked, for example. Also, it should be possible to have thoughts connected to sections of imported content. For example, we should be able to select a paragraph of a PDF file or a note added to the PDF, and link that to a thought (let's call this Embedded Thought). The paragraph, not the document, would connect to the embedded thought.

A single document could link to (or generate the creation of) dozens of embedded thoughts. These would work as Citations and are a very important reason why KWs bother to collect and store documents. This missing feature is a MAJOR gap in TB. KWs need to be able to reference small sections of a document through links to thoughts. Otherwise, storing a document in TB is almost as good as storing it on a Windows/Mac folder - does not add much value. Also requires additional effort to document where the right information is and how to get to it.

The link between the document and the embedded thoughts should have a different visual representation on the plex, to differentiate from a link between thoughts. 

[end Key Capability] Make content a core item in TB, not just attachments of thoughts

In a simpler version, you could maybe use PDF bookmarks functionality to make this work. The user would bookmark a paragraph or an idea, and press a button to create a TB thought. The thought would link to the PDF - in reality to THE BOOKMARK in the PDF - and would have a different graphic representation to show it is connected to an idea/bookmark. We should be able to see the bookmarked text/image on hover.

When selected, the thought would preview the PDF starting on the bookmark (maybe a couple of lines above for some context), instead of going to the top of the PDF file.

A single PDF file should be able to have many thoughts attached to it.


IMO, this would transform the way we read / research information stored on PDF files.

Any comments on this?

In many (not all) respects, the MarginNote app on iOS and OS X does these things.
Let me ask for even more:

- It shouldn't just be PDF preview - that is lame - we should get PDF annotation capabilities like many Apps offer today.

This would include selecting and highlight text with color, underline, add small notes to the PDF text, and then, obviously, create thoughts from bookmarks to make it blend with The Brain.

If possible, make it touch friendly so it can work on Surface tablets/computers, but that would be a bonus - not a top requirement. 

That's brilliant korm. Thanks for the addition.

In many (not all) respects, the MarginNote app on iOS and OS X does these things.
Thank you for the post and we appreciate the detail.  Thought links to PDF bookmarks has been documented.

Thank you,

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