When I do a presentation, I organize it in chapters/sections, and I have many thoughts with attachments. some of these thoughts have pictures/slides set as thought icons, others have pictures with a hyperlink to an external video set as thought icons.

This allows me, during a presentation, to simply hover over a thought icon to display a slide, picture, or play a video if I click on a still from a video clip with a hyperlink to the video clip itself.

Could we have a print feature that allows us to select if we want to print:

- thought titles
- thought icons
- notes
- attachments

When you do a presentation, it's important to be able to deliver handouts.

I make the webbrain available to the participants of my workshops after the event, but I also provide a PDF of all the slides shown during the presentations.

This is one of the reasons why I have a Powerpoint version of all my presentations, so that I can export a PDF of all the slides shown, even if I prefer to use The Brain for the presentation itself.

It would be great to be able to deliver a handout with as much information we want to include from the brain, whether thought titles, thought icons, notes, and attachments.

If this was implemented, we would need a way to include/exclude some elements.

For example, I use some thought icons simply as icons to look nice or give a visual clue to the audience, but I wouldn't want to print these. However, if I use a slide or a picture as a thought icon, then I would want to print it.

Maybe this is too complicated, but that's another reason why I'm still using Powerpoint for my presentations, even if I'm using The Brain to deliver them.

I think this print feature would also be useful for those who don't use The Brain for presentations but would like to share printouts of selected information in another form than a webbrain. Of course we'd have to use a PDF printer if The Brain doesn't offer PDF printouts.

Ideally you would want to follow the same hierarchy/sequence as the one described in this post to decide the order of the printed information.
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Thanks for posting the request. You currently have the ability to export your Brain (or a portion of your Brain) to a text outline or text outline with notes.  More on this feature here:

I'll confirm that we have an existing feature request to add attachment file name to the text outline. 

Thank you,
Hi Matt,

Thanks but that doesn't really do what I'm suggesting.

If I select thoughts, copy them as a text outline and paste them in a word document, all I get is an outline of the selected thoughts.

If there are thought icons that are actually slides, graphs or pictures, they are not inserted. And there is no way to manually specify if a thought icon should be printed or not.

So this is very far from getting a report that can be used as a handout after a presentation, unless you have a very simple presentation with just titles (thoughts) and text (notes).

I can't put the slides/pictures in notes because I want them full screen and I don't want notes showing during the presentation.

To be able to deliver a proper handout after a presentation, we need to be able to select if we want to include (at least):

thoughts (titles)
thought icons (though not for all thoughts)
attachments (doc title and/or content), for example if a picture is attached or if a word document is attached, we might want to include the picture or the doc itself, not just the document title which means nothing to an external audience that doesn't have access to the files.

It might be necessary to add a flag to thought icons / attachments so that we're able to specify include/don't include in report.

Does this make sense?
TB V10.0.32.0 running in Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1809 with Bootcamp on a 2018 MBP 13" with 16Gb of RAM, 2TB SSD and i7 @ 2.7Ghz.

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