So I when I first heard about TheBrain it was this video with Jerry Michalski with his half-million Thoughts compiled over a decade.
That got me really interested and I wanted to download it and play around with it, to see if I could figure out best practices and such.
Learn from the best and all that.
And that would have been great, but I can only access it via the browser, and an internet browser just isn't good at anything besides web-browsing.

Sure, a webbrowser is mediocre at many things and that has its uses, but I want to heavily use TB, and not fiddle with clicky nonsense.
So I guess you can't offer this, because that would directly compete with the "TeamBrain"-service (though I haven't really looked into what that does), but wouldn't it be possible to make a downloadable snapshots of a Brain available from the Public Brains out there?
Maybe limit it to a snapshot a month?

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How to use TheBrain 11 fast (work in progress)

FWIW, TheBrain 8 web brain did allow brain owners to offer their brains for download -- or they could hide this download setting.

+1 for restoring this share (download) feature in the new web client.

In the meantime, this video details the sharing options that are currently available on the new brain platform -- which are very different from the sharing options previously available in TheBrain 8.

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