For someone who has lots of link types and uses them often, it would be a great help to have a quick search option when right clicking a link to set a type, instead of having to scroll down to find the one you want
@Cxiym ~

If you have time, I'd be interested to know more about what link types you've created and how you use them.

Because I use my brain as a way to visualise my personal (constantly shifting) understanding of how ideas are related, thoughts are often linked to many different contexts, as ideas manifest in different ways. I use simple, abstract link names in order to visually 'hint' at the contextual relationships with the current thought, so there is that 'big picture' understanding at first glance when I click on a thought, instead of having to try to remember why I made those diverse connections in the first place.

This may not be necessary when dealing with simple ideas that are closely tied to one specific context, except for memorisation purposes, though I find that is rarely the case for my personal needs, and that focusing on these doesn't maximise the full potential of thebrain.

For example, some of the link types I use often are 'oppose' - where I perceive an adversarial relationship between two ideas which may not be immediately obvious, or 'contrast' in a situation where two ideas may seem similar at first glance, but I want to remind myself to consider the differences between them.

What about yourself? Do you utilise link types often?
Very interesting, Cxiym. Thanks for taking time to share this background about your use of link types.

Your strategy makes very good sense, and I will give this additional consideration in the days ahead.

My own use of link types is undoubtedly more limited than yours since I don't (yet) need the search function you've requested. 😏

However, I've gradually begun using link types more frequently during the past few years, and I've also submitted a few of my own link type requests here in the forum:
> Separating link names from link labels
> Link type list for managing link properties

In general, the more I've begun using link types, the more useful I've found them to be, so I'll continue to explore ways to expand my use of link types in the days ahead.

In the meantime, here are several more link feature requests that might be of interest:
> Display note indicator on link types containing a note <== I'd be curious how you handle this situation
> Operating on multiple links at one time
> Show link label on hover

You're welcome. Good to know that my ideas may be of some help. Would be interesting to see how you develop them, if you so choose.

Limited as they may be, if your usage of link types suit your purposes well enough, then I would say that is preferable to unnecessary clutter. Nevertheless, I try to be experimental and keep a lookout for ways to improve my process. For example, I find your suggestion to use special characters as a way to differentiate thoughts particularly useful.

Thanks for bringing up these other requests as well, which I wasn't aware of. I'm certainly invested in more ways to identify and edit links, as well as more search options.

Speaking of which, not sure if this has been suggested already, but the ability to add icons to link types may be useful for greater identification, perhaps even the ability to have these icons 'stand in' for the link types themselves in order to reduce visual clutter, which would be optional, of course. Which may perhaps then open the way for the ability to add multiple link types to a single link for greater specificity, the same ways tags work.

While I personally stay away from using notes within my brain (currently), as a self imposed limit which encourages me to express ideas more holistically, it is nevertheless nice to see interest being expressed in the development of link types, which gives me hope that some of these ideas will eventually come to fruition. Based on how I perceive things are currently going, I'm optimistic about it.

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