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jostber wrote:
A roadmap would be nice though, like this one:⊂=engine&id=roadmap_2008

As an open-source enthusiast, I try to maintain a mental firewall between the expectations appropriate to open software on one side and proprietary software on the other.

A community software project must have a roadmap to ensure that collaborators are working toward the same end. As open software is usually licensed "as-is", there is no legal obligation of the project to deliver any identified feature in a timely manner. The beauty of open software is that the features usually do get delivered anyway.

On the other hand, proprietary software makers must be vigilant in announcing future capabilities. No license is iron-clad for avoiding lawsuits and other, often lethal distractions. As much as I'd like to read Harlan's mind and know exactly what he is going to do and when, I fully understand that he should keep his cards close.

He's got a small team, working on a budget against real and expected revenue and funding. His is not a Google or Microsoft or with virtually unlimmited funding or volunteers. More importantly, The Brain Corp. continues to produce Knowledge Management software that is far superior to anything from either open source or proprietary competitors. Looking at their results to date, TheBrain team are obviously executing brilliantly.

Keep up the great work!
Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.
after going through PB demo (=Pro), online tutorials and the user's guide today, i realized two things

1 - i love it and want it! as dedicated a DEVONthink Pro fan as anyone, this is simply different! And usefully so. as a writer i love the idea of endless permutations of re-arranging the connections between characters, plot events, et cet., for unrealized associations.

2 - i immediately wondered the same as the original post in may 2007 by twospoons - is there a way to save the expanded view? i am incredibly impressed at the care and thought and massaging of details and interconnectedness that went into PB's development and simultaneously perplexed that this was not foreseen as a necessity. look at mindjet, inspiration, curio, tinderbox et al. and one realizes immediately that folks not only want to arrange and re-arrange their maps but also want to keep them the way the want them. in giving PB's users dynamic maps, the developers unfortunately forgot to keep one feature of all maps (road maps, subway maps, et cet. - a wonderful book to look at is The Map Book edited by Peter Barber []) - information in a static form. although iterations may change when a new road comes through, the road map/atlas of los angeles in 1966 is what it was and will never be otherwise so that researchers/students of los angeles in 1966 can reliably look at that 1966 map whenever they wish and expect to find it unchanged.

i have only one question, and one suggestion for this forum moderator:

the question:

since i have every confidence PB's developers will come through with the SAVE EXPANDED VIEW AS feature, will it be in free or only Core, or only Pro? i am using Pro demo and have no problem buying Core but am not sure about Pro - yet!

the suggestion:

I have never been on a listserv or forum that allowed or tolerated the boorish behavior from "michael" with his post on may 31, 2008. i am impressed that the forum members did not flame him but i would suggest that the moderator revisit the standard of netiquette on this forum. the last forum i joined was very specific about this (this post would not have met those standards and either would not have been published or would have incurred the moderator's sanctions) and included the prerequisite of signing a form that attested to one's having read it, clearly a message more than a realistic expectation that everyone in fact did read it.

looking forward to more interactions with PB,


rich ratzan
Just another friendly shout out for the option of saving the expanded view.  It's a make or break one for me....I love the application, and if it had this feature, I'd buy the Pro and use it all the time.  Thanks for all the work on this project.
Read about saving expanded views here in the release notes for PB5.
-- Sam

The PB users forum is filled with a chorus of publicly expressed gratitude and admiration to "Harlan & co" for solid software, ever evolving new features, fixes within days should upgrade encounter a hitch. I have used the Brain since 2001, and whatever user issue I ever raised, it received first class support. Whatever the problem, whatever the question, the developers have resolved all and every of my calls for help or assistance most promptly and without fail for all the the last 8 years. Thank you.

Now then: Many postings have requested "the ability to save an expanded view" so that on-screen the PB's layout can be restored back to a plex lay-out, where the (x,y coordinates) position of all and every thought(s), and of every link, is positioned (x,y) just as was when a snapshot was saved as a record of what view and what  arrangement was at that moment in time.

Implementing "the ability to save an expanded view" will also permit reload of past manually arranged PB screen thought and link arrangements produced during mind mapping and problem solving sessions.On many occasions I miss not yet being able to save or load a snapshot where everything
in the plex on screen
  • is loading PB thoughts and links exactly as positioned (x,y) as at any saved "snapshot" moment in time.
The feature of loading different saved PB constellation snapshots adds immense value to an already fantastically flexible software tool for project design management.



Win7pro, PB, J - 1.7.0
hock, you can save expanded views in the Pro version of PB.

dyslucksia, hock is just pointing out that Harlan and his teams have provided good support each time he's needed them, and that the forums are full of fanzers.
Right now, it would seem that 5.1 PB is consuming the attention of TheBrain's developers, hence why we are not hearing from them right now.

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