Hi TB team,
I am anxiously waiting for the fix to the search problem I reported a few days ago - TB9 not finding attachments or notes when using multiple words that do not appear next to each other on the text in same order.

In the meantime, I have a suggestion that would make TB search much better:

- Add a button next to search to let users quickly select "AND" or "OR" when using multiple words.

This would be better than forcing one or the other option (AND / OR) - there will always be use cases where we would prefer the opposite selection.

Does that make sense and is it possible to implement?

I think it would be very useful.

Thanks for your previous suggestion regarding note and attachment searches. We will address it in a near future release when possible.

The ability to specify "and" / "or" operations on searches is non-trivial both from a UI and backend implementation perspective. However, it is desirable of course and we will document the feature request for future consideration. [smile]

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