To me it would be essential to have sets of pins and flexible use of pins.

These allow to create "dashboards" for different contexts and focuses in work. 

Pins could be tags, links, linktypes,... and the sets could be create trough a nested dropdown. This dropdown could be part of TheBrain, a part possibly without jumps. I could also be "all the childs of a certain thought".

Hope this description is clear enough, otherwise I'd be happy to clarify.

Friendly greetings,


It's now possible to pin tags and types.  Is that not the same thing?

I believe the only capability that was mentioned that we don't currently have is the ability to Pin a Link or Link Type.  Off the top of my head, I'm not sure how that would work, since clicking to activate it would not actually bring it into the center of the Plex - that can only be done with Thoughts.  But I'll pass the idea on to our engineers to consider.

Thank you,

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