I think it would be great if one could associate a search query with a thought such that the search results are shown as children of that "smart" thought. This result needs to be incrementally kept up to date of course. Compare them with the "smart" folders found in various Mac apps.

This feature is part of BrainEKP using a module we call ThoughtSeeker. This may be something that we bring to PersonalBrain in the future.

After reflecting on the "smart"-thought, I realise it is what I have been looking for.

I would like to have a search or filter system where I can find e.g. my tasks or appointments.

My wish is to have a thought named "Actions" where I'll find all the thoughts I've type-defined as "Actions - Priority 1" to "...4". When I type-define the thoughts as "Complete" they will disappear from the "smart"-thought.
Using a "smart"-thought this will be possible!

As an added suggestion, I would like to have the possibility to print the results from the "smart"-thought into a table format. Or, exporting the list into a table-document format, HTML or similar.

This is a great idea, the more I think about it, the more I would like to have it added to the Pro-version of PersonalBrain.

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