I have a Thought called "grainyGravatar". It's a Child of "findingGoodIconPicture". So I was typing "picture", "icon", "gravatar", "photo", "thumbnail" and Search never gave me either result. That was very frustrating.
By sheer luck I remembered "grainy" and was succesful. Now when I created that Thought I was having a camelCasePhase, which I'm over now. But I didn't know at the time and it wasn't obvious to me, that camelCase is verboten (or a bad idea). I expected that search would be able to find it via substring search.
It can find the Thought "grainy picture" when I merely search for "picture".
It wasn't clear to me, that I'd need to use spaces for better searchability (which luckily I do anyway).
Please consider adding this as a new feature. Or if not, at least set the expectation that camelCase is ill-advised very clearly in the documentation. Also please write documentation 😉

Thought in TheBrain-Brain

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+1 for CamelCase search

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