This is feature request for the Tab interface, 

I like to request enhancement for the Tab enhancement inspired by a Firefox extension called Tabmixplus.

The enhancements are the following:

1. Locked Tab/Pin Tab - creates a smaller tab with the Thought icon and lock the Tab

2. Tab Session Restore/ Save - you can create multiple sessions with different tabs, so you can group tabs and separate tabs in a brain. Example you have one big brain for all work and presentation files, To separate them, just create 2 different session for work and presentation-

Open all the tabs you are going to use for your presentation and save as presentation session, so when its time for your presentation, you are ready and open the presentation session and all the Tabs for that presentation is loaded.


Thanks for posting. TheBrain will remember which tabs were last open if you close/restart.  But a lock would prevent user error - I've often closed tabs that I didn't intend to.  I'm not sure how grouped tabs or tab sessions would be saved and managed.  It may just be easier to return to the Brain list and open manually. I'll document your feature requests for further consideration.

Thank you Matt![kiss]

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