I don't want to add file to the PLEX as a thought, instead i attached it to particular thought among few other files (file is copied to brain).

Editing text Notes on same thought where file attached i need to create text link inside note editor to file attached to this thought (to file tab or file itself).

Could not find a way to do this, linking to filesystem c:\users\John\Brains\U00\B04\1b563f44\file.pdf does not work and is not ideal since if i move the brain i would have to update the link.

Can you implement relative links for file inside brain like brain://local/7I2heQ5bREOwagYGqQGuTQ/F-suoos0HkGFZO3KgtN23A/file.pdf

Also button to "remove link" from text inside note editor, right now have to delet text that has link in order to remove link.
+1 for "remove link" option
+1 for relative links

Thank you for posting. I have confirmed that this is a documented feature request.

@mcaton ~

Actually, Matt, I think UserNT was making 2 feature requests. See details above.

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